how to get more clients for photography

Whether you’re just starting your photography business or you’ve been running it for a while, constantly finding new clients is getting as important as ever, especially in 2023 where it is becoming easy to connect with anyone and anywhere in this world with the rising of digital media, to make your photography job succeed. There are various ways, both online and offline, for photographers to connect with their potential clients.

Learn how to get more clients for photography with our expert tips, tricks, and tools mentioned in our guide, and grow a brand for yourself so that you can take your photography passions to the next level.

Get More Clients for Photography with Our Simple Tips!

This blog will discuss 7 beginner-friendly tips that you can use to attract more clients for your photography business.

Some photographers only look at the artistic value of their photographs, they never value the financial value of their art or even if they do, they underestimate it. all of this happens because they might not have a right client to deal with, or they lack the skills to attract the right person who looks through the same eyes as that of the photographer.

According to a popular marketing principle, a potential client needs to see your brand at least 7 times before they commit to a purchase decision. So, never give up on the first round, just keep on doing it until you find the right person, and you’re all set up!

Photography is a beautiful art form, but if you want to make a living from it, you need to treat it as a business. That means marketing your services, building relationships with clients, and becoming known and trusted enough to attract new businesses.

#1: Show Off Your Best Works in Your Portfolio!

For a photographer, A portfolio is like his visual resume. It can either make or break a photographer’s career. that’s why it is critical to make your photography portfolios shine if you want to reach the top of your career and attract the right client to your business.

A survey conducted among photography clients states that 87% of the clients rely heavily on the photographer’s portfolio to make their hiring decisions.

To start, focus on continually improving your skills in commercial photography. photographers who actively seek opportunities to refine their composition, lighting, and overall photography techniques are more likely to succeed. 94% of successful photographers attribute their achievements to ongoing learning and practice.

Next, make your Portfolio easily visible to your potential clients. Online platforms are a great way to boost your client’s visibility online:

  • Create accounts on popular photo-based social media platforms like Flickr and Instagram. These platforms have a combined user base of over 1.6 billion people, providing you with a vast potential audience.
  • Link your social media profiles to your website or an online portfolio. Research shows that photographers who maintain an online presence outside of social media are 70% more likely to be contacted by potential clients.

#2: Find Your Ideal Clients

Starting your photography business means working with a mix of clients at first, including family and friends. That’s normal – everyone starts somewhere.

To grow and succeed, focus your marketing on a specific target group. Build a strong, consistent brand that reflects your style. For instance, if you’re a wedding photographer, aim your efforts at brides, grooms, and wedding planners.

Identifying your ideal clientele will make it simpler to attract the target audience.

Build A Client Base

Once you’ve identified your ideal photography clients, it’s time to go a step further. Building a customer database is a savvy move.

Research reveals that photographers who maintain a database of past clients are 64% more likely to secure repeat business and referrals.

Think of it as nurturing your photography relationships. Send personalized updates, and exclusive offers, or simply check in from time to time.

This not only keeps you top of your mind but also fosters a sense of loyalty. So, don’t underestimate the power of building a client database; it’s your ticket to long-term success in the photography business.

how to get more clients for photography

#3: Set Up A Brand for Yourself

Optimize Social Media Profiles


  • Use high-res images on your Instagram posts to provide a sense of quality to your posts.
  • Write a clear and engaging bio including popular keywords such as “photographer”, “photo shoot” or “portrait photography”, whichever suits your photography niche.
  • Make use of “Instagram Reels” to create compelling visuals of your portraits to improve visibility.
  • Collaborate with other experienced photographers on Instagram to have a wider reach within your target audience.
  • Use “Instagram Stories” daily to keep your clients on track regarding new offers, promotions etc.


  • Complete your Facebook Business page with a Professional Cover Photo and a Profile Picture.
  • Fill out all the information, including your services, contact details, and location.

Tik Tok

  • Create engaging short video content that highlights your photography skills, share photography tips, or showcase behind-the-scenes moments.
  • Don’t forget to link your other social profiles in your TikTok bio.
social media

Get Listed in Online Directories

Registering your photography business on online directories is a smart move. It enhances your online visibility and can help potential clients find you. Consider platforms like Yelp, Google My Business, and specialized photography directories for your niche.

Get started with an Email List

Create a signup form on your website or social media profiles where interested potential customers can subscribe. Offer an incentive like a free photography guide or a discount on their first shoot. Once you have a list, send regular newsletters with updates, promotions, and photography tips to keep your target client engaged.

#4: Attract and Engage your Clients!

Offer Promotions

Offering attractive offers is a surefire tackle to get your client’s attention. discounts, special offers, and limited-time deals may greatly increase client engagement. Consider giving a “book one, get one free” bargain on photo sessions, or a seasonal discounted package for photographic events such as weddings and birthdays. Make sure to promote these deals on your website and social media profiles to attract new photography clients looking for low-cost photography services.

Host Giveaway Contests

You can organize fun photo contests where clients submit their best shots, offering prizes such as free photoshoots, print packages, or even photography accessories. Promote these contests across your online platforms and encourage participants to share their entries, thereby increasing your brand’s visibility and attracting new photography clients in the process.

#5: Snap Share, Succeed!

Social Media Campaigns

Here’s a tip: Get creative with your campaigns! Think about what makes your photography unique and build your campaign around it. Use relevant keywords and popular hashtags to ensure your content reaches a wider audience. For example, if you’re all about capturing stunning portraits, why not launch a campaign called “#CaptivatingPortraits”? And don’t be shy about sharing glimpses of your photography adventures or some behind-the-scenes moments – it helps connect with your audience on a personal level.

Carry Out an Open Photoshoot

Hosting an open photoshoot event can be a great marketing tool to attract prospective clients and these public events help strengthen the client’s relationship with the photographer.

#6: Building Impactful Collaborations

Collaborating with charitable organizations is a great way to grow your photography business while also doing good. It’s as if you got the best of both worlds!

Here’s how to get it done:

Find a Good Fit: First, seek groups that care about the same things you do. For example, if you enjoy photographing people, collaborating with a charity that assists those in need might be a fantastic fit.

Offer Your Photographic Skills: Next, contact them to explore how your photographic skills may benefit their cause. You may propose shooting Beautiful photos for their events or capturing important moments for the individuals they assist.

Spread the Word: Collaborate on social media and other fellow photographers in your online photography community to inform people about your cooperation. Trust me when I say that this type of collaboration may increase your reputation and make you both seem satisfactory in the eyes of your audience.

Involve the Community: Hosting events or seminars with your organization may be a lot of fun and help you get more people interested in what you do.

#7 Give Back and Get Rewarded

Encourage Referrals: Start by letting your current clients know that you appreciate their word-of-mouth recommendations. Encourage them to refer friends, family, or colleagues who might need your photography services.

Offer Incentives: To sweeten the deal, consider offering incentives for successful referrals. It could be a discount on their next photoshoot, a free print of their favourite photo, or even a cash reward.

Spread the Word: Use your website, social media, and email newsletters to promote your referral program. Create eye-catching graphics and messages that make it easy for your clients to share with their contacts.

Track and Reward: Keep tabs on the referrals that come in and make sure to reward your clients promptly. A satisfied referrer is more likely to keep spreading the word about your photography business.

Build Trust: When potential clients hear about your services from someone they trust, it builds instant credibility.

#8: Volunteer and Shine!

Thinking about improving your photography talents while doing good? Volunteering at photographic events is an excellent opportunity to get experience, enhance your portfolio, and network in the photography community. Volunteering allows you to capture significant moments and exhibit your ability, whether it’s a charity run, a community event, food photography, newborn photography, or any other special moment to be captured.


Check out these 8 straightforward tips if you’re wondering how to get photography clients as a freelance photographer.

Your potential clients are everywhere, from individuals to companies.

In today’s digital age, photos are a powerful way to convey messages, both for business and art.

Remember, these 7 strategies need your active participation.

Just like your photos tell stories, your marketing can tell your story and attract clients. After all, 

Try these 8 secrets and watch your photography business grow!


How do I find my first photography client?

Begin by reaching out to friends and relatives, initially giving your services at a discount or for free. Spread the word about your photographic abilities by using social media and local community boards.

How do I promote myself as a photographer?

With a portfolio website and active social media networks, you may establish a professional online presence. Display your greatest work, interact with your audience, and think about placing targeted advertisements to reach out to new clients.

What are the best ways to get clients their photographs?

Clients may easily view images shared through secure web galleries or platforms. Communicate openly about delivery timeframes and choices to ensure that your consumers have a pleasant and satisfying experience.